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A poet is someone who pours light into a cup, and raises it to nourish your beautiful parched holy mouth ~ Hafiz, via Daniel Ladinsky.

Do you hear life calling and pleading us
to nourish each other and the earth
with more truth and possibility
more presence and poetry?

Here are offerings to enjoy solo or in good company,
poems to invite greater aliveness and awareness,
welcome ourselves and others into this moment,
into our bodies and this world, here and now.

As you wander and meander through these pages,
and explore which poems, lines, words
bring you closer to life, others, yourself,
here are a few pointers, and questions to ponder.

Can you feel the shape and texture of the words in your mouth?
how the sound of your voice massages your heart?
how your words ebb and flow with your breath?

As you read or recite poetry,
Are you allowing places to rest, time to digest,
plentiful silence and spaciousness,
doorways into more connectedness?

Don’t be shy to repeat words that touch or stir you,
Give yourself permission to linger
wherever you feel more energy or urgency,
more pull or pleasure.
Dare to whisper, speak louder, cry, burst into laughter,
or fly off the page and ‘script’ altogether!

Let the spirit of a poem you love guide you,
or let something entirely new come through,

but remember to stay anchored in your body,
remember to notice and feel what arises within,
as sensations unwind,
and the words spread their wings.

Here is my simple plea
for embodied poetry:

“Please, speak slowly,
so you can feel and follow
how life force wants to move
in your body.”

If you stay present,
and you pause often,
to feel and receive the power
of each precious moment,
then whatever you say,
the lines on this page,
the poems on this site,
or the words that await
in your own heart,
will come to life.

And your presence
will be the spark.