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learning to look at the sky again


I’m drinking in this morning’s misty sky for breakfast, grateful that I no longer need to use an alarm clock or a car, and the days when I resorted to several cups of coffee daily to trump my body’s need for rest are far behind me. I’m loving this simpler life I now live in Bali, learning to make music with my hands, meditating with friends, reciting poetry, nourishing slow-growing seeds of change within and around me, wondering what kinds of fruits they’ll all turn out to be. This taking the time to become more intimate with life is such a rewarding journey, despite the lingering grief in my heart that I got such a late start. Thank you, Robert Montgomery, for advertising new possibilities. I love your creativity. One thing on behalf of technology though: it is what lets the whole world gets to enjoy and share your stunning poetry. That billboard photo which appeared on my facebook newsfeed this morning has been shared on 500 virtual walls. I wonder how many countries they spanned, and how many neglected parts of the world wide sky got to receive some attention these last few days, because of your invitation.


Robert Montgomery is a London artist who “hijacks advertising space in the city, often illegally… His texts are part poetry, part an inquiry into our collective unconscious. They are intended to be encountered by commuters who don’t know they are art, and an attempt to describe in public space what it is like to live now.” These words are from the artist’s website where I wandered a while, reading through other inspiring and provocative billboard statements. I hadn’t been that taken by someone’s creativity since discovering Ashes and Snow a few years ago.