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learning to linger



I love to greet life
as it wakes and rises
inside me.

While lying quietly,
in the early morning hours,
I let my awareness
wander and meander
up and down my body,
tracing sensations
and currents of energy.

If I listen attentively,
I can hear the murmurs
of the river flowing slowly through me.
It whispers sweet messages
in a wordless language that nourishes me,
and seems to say:

“Stay a while longer.
These inner currents will fill you
with more energy and pleasure
than the outer world could ever offer.”

So, I am learning to linger,
feel, listen, feel,
linger a little longer,
and not be so busy.

I have come to treasure
these moments of deepening intimacy
with this pulsing presence inside me.

Tesa Silvestre
Bali, 2011