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befriending darkness


Everyone has a cave.
I ignored mine for a long time.
Too dark and too scary.
But my demons got restless
and created a mess.
So I had to reluctantly warm up
to visiting once in a while.

In the beginning,
I didn’t like to go alone.
I often brought a friend along,
someone bold and brave enough
to face and feel with me
whatever challenged me.

Over time,
the cave got less scary.
the monsters more friendly.
As it turned out, a lot of attention
is really all they ever wanted
from me.

I have come to trust
that showing up
and connecting deeply
with what haunts me
rewards me with greater unity
and expanded capacity
to receive all the insights,
knowings, blessings,
life wants to offer me.

I am no longer treading life so carefully,
dreading what might happen to me
if my worst fears came to be.
The cave is becoming
a sanctuary.

No need to be afraid
of darkness
once you discover
it is a just a doorway
into freedom
and your own greatness.

Tesa Silvestre,
Bali 2011


Ten minute freewrite, prompted by Anthony Dunkley.
If you’d like to explore free writing, look up Writing from the Soul.